Ethereum Protocol Fellowship: Jak se stát Ethereum core vývojářem
2023-06-04, 17:30–17:50 (Europe/Prague), 🍎 Rajská zahrada

The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship is a permissionless fellowship program that helps to streamline the process of becoming a core developer. Applications are now opened and everyone interested in Ethereum core protocol is welcomed to apply! Come to visit the talk and learn more about the program and core development.

At the heart of the Ethereum ecosystem lies core development, the work on the research and code that powers the Ethereum network, which includes client implementations, specifications, and other foundational aspects.

Come to learn about protocol development and the fellowship program which is accepting applications right now. If you want to dive into Ethereum consensus or execution, testing, scalability challenges and help to fill boxes of the Ethereum roadmap, this is a talk for you.

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