Asia Web3 Ecosystem Intro
2023-06-04, 17:45–17:53 (Europe/Prague), 💡 Lustrový sál

Overview of the current state of the blockchain industry in Asia
- Popular projects intro (specific features and trends)
- The challenges and opportunities faced by blockchain startups in Asia, and some notable success stories.
- Web3 Marketing in Asia

  1. Introduction: background information on the growth of the industry and its impact on the region.
  2. Popular projects intro: Discuss some of the most popular blockchain projects in Asia, such as GameFi, DeFi, NFT and other On-chain data tools etc. Highlight the unique features of each platform and their popularity in the region.
  3. Challenges and opportunities: Discuss the challenges faced by blockchain startups in Asia, such as regulatory issues, lack of funding, and talent shortage.
  4. Web3 Marketing in Asia: Some tips in doing Web3 marketing in Asia.
  5. Conclusion: Summarize the key points and discuss the potential for growth and innovation in the region and how it could impact the global blockchain ecosystem.

Content in English / Obsah v angličtině 🇬🇧 – yes Difficulty (obtížnost)

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