Life in Web3
2023-06-04, 16:30–17:10 (Europe/Prague), 🏛️ Klenbový sál

The World is changing with an astonishing speed and Web3 might be the answer to how we handle our governance, communities and finances. The talk presents the process of change and real life examples through Polkadot's ecosystem. For the syllabus, please see the description.

- What is change? How does web3 relate to it?
- How you can get into Web3?
- Polkadot on-chain governance
- The Polkadot community
- Make chanhes: real efforts, real value and utility

Content in English / Obsah v angličtině 🇬🇧 – yes Difficulty (obtížnost)

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Founder of CCTF and Polkadot Head Ambassador. Web3 security auditor and consultant.