Web3 and Polkadot
2023-06-04, 17:15–17:40 (Europe/Prague), 🏛️ Klenbový sál

Walkthrough the origin of web3 and the role Polkadot plays in shaping the future of the internet. From web1 (read-only experience) through web2 (read-write) to web3 (read-write-trust). Polkadot offers a collaborative model where different specialized L1 chains can interact with each other benefitting from the same level of security.

Web2 opened new economies by plugging into existing Web1 infrastructure and brought an amazing user experience. However, it also led to data centralization and monopoly, and exploitation of trust. Web3 gives power to data owners, provides trustless protocols, and paves the way for post-computing civilization's future. DApps now running on blockchain technology are unstoppable, privacy-focused, and tamper-proof. Human judgment is reduced to a bare minimum. Smart contracts are computable law native to the internet of near-instant execution with no race or social status discrimination. In this context, Polkadot is well-positioned to propose the world's first trustless decentralized internet of many specialized blockchain networks.

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Filippo has a PhD in statistics & drone engineering. He previously taught statistical computing and data analysis. Filippo strongly believes in the Web3 vision of having a privacy-focused, secure, and decentralized internet where power is given back to the users. The complexity of Web3 technology can be intimidating, and it is still a major blocking element behind mainstream adoption. Filippo is excited to educate professionals and the general public about Web3 and blockchain technology.

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